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Rental Space for Business Operations in Ba

 Rental Space for Business Operations

We will soon have a 625 sqm on our 2nd floor and similar size with 4 bedroom residential/ office space pn 3rd floor available for rental in Main Street Ba Town. We have renovated our premises and are looking for tenants so I thought I mention it in case you have any potential investors heading towards Ba following tax free zone. Currently we have a garment factory who are most likely to vacant in February 2017.


Below are top 15 advantages to a business at our premises in Ba:

1)      Easy access to skill labour in Ba with walking distance from Bus Stand

2)      Easy access to 3 phase power

3)      2 entry and exist points into the premises (fire safety)

4)      Back up 5,000 litre water tank

5)      Flood free area

6)      Service Hoist with up to 1 ton carrying capacity. Electricity cost of hoist borne by us as it is for common use

7)      Easy parking at back of the shop

8)      Sheltered loading and offloading area

9)      Full secured premises with 7 days night security

10)   Option of accommodation your Key Personnel

11)   Large lunch and recreational area for employees to 3rd floor

12)   The 50m length of the building accommodates workstation very easily

13)   Our friendly team on the shop floor are available 7 days a week , 12 hours a day including public holiday. There will be full support from the Directors as well for start up assistance.

14)   No issues with overtime as our shop closes late as well

15)   Centrally located to Banks, Pharmacy, Restaurants & Taxi Stand, Courier Services

16)   Suitable for warehouse, back office operations, factory etc.


We are giving a very affordable rental to the right party and Ba does have far reasonable rental compared to Lautoka or Nadi.


Contact Person: Viraaj Lad

Email: Viraaj.Lad@bbcgroup.com.fj