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Agriculture Sector

Northland Consultancy & Logging Services Pte Ltd Agriculture Bua Looking for JV Partnership The company has 13,000 acres of land in Wainunu, Bua to provide the means to give individual landowners or other interested entities 99 years lease over land for agricultural use in growing organic crop for both the local and overseas markets. The company already has markets for export crops such as pineapples, cassava, pawpaw and fresh vegetables. 
Bucawai AgroFarm and Supplies  Agriculture Tailevu Looking for JV Partnership 34 hectares of land of which 4 hectares is currently being utilized for tomato, long bean, cucumber, bhindi, watermelon, cabbage farming. The land has a potential for agricultural products and also eco-tourism.
  Agriculture Tailevu Looking for JV Partnership 5 acres of first class arable, deep fertile with alluvial soils. It has slightly initial wetness that can be improved by better drainage and is suitable for wide range of crops. 
  Agriculture Nausori  Property/Land for Sale 88.96 acres of state land combination of flat with about 10% hill. Suitable for:
• Vegetable farming
• Livestock farming
  Agriculture Nausori  Looking for JV Partnership Veitalacagi Farm is 15 acres of land located right before the junction to Ucunivanua and Navunimono Villages in Verata, Tailevu. The local landowner is looking for a partner to invest in a JV arrangement. Suitable for commercial farming. 
   Agriculture  Bua Looking for JV Partnership   21 acres of land available is suitable for kava farming. 
   Agriculture  Nausori   Looking for JV Partnership 17 acres of suitable land suitable for
• Piggery farm
• Aquaculture
• Bee Farming
 Unik Tropical Export  Agriculture  Nadi  Property/Land for Sale  26 acres of land that is suitable for agriculture farm. 
   Agriculture  Nausori   Looking for JV Partnership  Has 2 pieces of land at the back of Nausori Airport. 5.2 acres of land fit for agriculture purpose. Some planting has already been done. Also has 2 acres of residential land suitable for businesses to set up a mall or hotel. Both lands has access to electricity and water. Othetr opportunities includes setting up of an Export Facility/Farm/Convert into residential property. 
   Agriculture  Rakiraki  Looking for JV Partnership  126 ha of land that is suitable for agriculture farm. 
 Shivneels Investment Limited  Agriculture  Korovou  Looking for JV Partnership 10-acres of freehold land, suitable for the following:
• Egg layer farm
• Ice Plant/Fish Processing Hub
• Organic and fruit vegetable farm and processing centre
• Dairy Farming. 
   Agriculture  Nausori   Looking for JV Partnership 30 acres of Native land available beside the Rewa River. The local landowner is looking for a JV' partner to invest in a JV arrangement. Land is suitable for agriculture and eco tourism