Forestry Sector
 Vakisaemmo Logging Investment

A 76.95 hectares of Native Land containing over 32 species of trees/timber within the Mataqali land is available in Nabukaluka Village, Naitasiri to form a joint venture partnership with a foreign investor. The land area is covered with indigenous virgin forest that contains native species of trees equal to 40cm in diameters at breast height. The area is accessible by road which lies about 2km from the main village.


Contact Details:

Name: Mr. Luke Lesumaiositerelia

 Phone: (+679) 8655686

Email: moave.navuasese@govnet.gov.fj; navuasesem@gmail.com


Veivueti Logging and Sawmill

There is a great opportunity to form a joint venture with a Veivueti Logging and Sawmill that has a land area of 3000acres (1,214.5 hectares) of virgin forest in native land. The area is located at Namuamua Village in Namosi and has close to 32,000cm of logs in volume. Consent of the Namosi Provincial Council, Turaga-ni-Mataqali together with his Mataqali is secured.

Contact Details

Name: Mr. Krishna Reddy

Phone: (679) 8639047

Email: reddykr.vpmm@gmail.com


 Mataqali Navuti

 2877acres of Native Land is available in Waidina, Naitasiri for potential logging business. Details can be made available after negotiations.


Contact Details:

Name:  DemenikoWaitolu

Phone: 7202577

Email: info@investmentfiji.org.fj

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