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Fiji is the hub of the South Pacific Telecommunication network and focal point of regional business activity. Telecommunications is one of the major ingredients of successful business, which in turn is the lifeblood of national development. Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL) provides all the telecommunication facilities listed below:
  • Postpay
  • Prepay
  • Telex
  • Radio Telephone
  • Facsimile
  • Voice Mail
  • Paging
  • Internet and Data Services
  • ISDN
  • Video Conferencing
  • International Calling


Telephone Connection Charges
For complete direct exchange connection
A telephone apparatus installation
Reconnection from previous subscriber
Business Charges
Access Fee 1 or 2 lines
Access Fee 2 lines or more
Residential Charges
Access monthly fee
Single Telephone Equipment monthly fee
For each internal extension, internal extension socket or internal extension bell
Call Charges
Residential Post Pay (unlimited)
TFL Prepay (per minute)
Business (60mins)


International Telephone Service

Fiji International Telecommunications Limited (FINTEL) is an international telecommunication carrier and is an extended arm of Telecom Fiji Ltd. It is a public bureau providing telephone, telex, telegram and facsimile facilities. There is a $500 deposit required from expatriates before a telephone can be installed.

An application form can be picked from for telecommunication services should be made to:

The Managing Director
Telecom Fiji Ltd
Private Mail Bag
Tel: (679) 3304019
Fax: (679) 3306180

International calls to most overseas countries could be made through directory assistance or direct through international direct dialing (IDD).

Mobile Services

Cell phone products and services are in Fiji as well and it has become a popular mode of mobile communications for individuals and business professionals. There are currently 3 mobile service providers in Fiji: 

  • Vodafone Fiji provides coverage within the area from Ba to Nausori via the Queens Highway and up to 30 kilometers offshore. The Vodafone network is made up of a series of base-stations all of which communicate with each other via their central exchange in Suva. Telecom and FINTEL exchanges can also be accessed allowing instant communications anywhere in the world. www.vodafone.com.fj
  • Digicel is the largest operator in the Caribbean operating in 23 markets, and recent entrant to Central America. Fiji is the 28th Digicel launch worldwide. It has coverage from Rotuma to Kadavu and throughout Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The company is renowned for competitive rates, unbeatable coverage, and superior customer care, a wide variety of products and services, and state-of-the-art handsets. www.digicelfiji.com
  • Inkk Mobile is the third provider of mobile serviced in Fiji. They are a separate entity but use Vodafone’s network, therefore, they share the same coverage as Vodafone. www.inkkmobile.com.fj

Vodafone Fiji

  • Mobile phones are the most widely used means of communications in Fiji.
  • Vodafone operates GSM, GPRS and UMTS technologies. Currently, Vodafone Fiji is the only provider of 3.5G network technology offering wireless mobile broadband services with speeds of up to 14.4 mpbs in all major metropolitan areas and to all major resorts and hotels on the main Island of Viti Levu.
  • For visitors to Fiji, mobile phones operate on GSM 900 MHz frequency and UMTS 2100 frequency. Any GSM dual or tri-band mobile phone will work on Vodafone Fiji's network.
  • Vodafone Fiji also offers seamless cutover to its network through inbound roaming arrangements with most mobile networks in the region.

Digicel Fiji

  • Digicel launched its Fiji operations in October 2008, enhancing mobile communications in Fiji by giving local mobile phone users greater coverage around Fiji. Digicel also has a number of services to make mobile phone roaming easy.
  • To use your mobile phone, it must have a frequency compatible with the territory you are heading to and your home operator must have a roaming agreement with Digicel.
  • Whether you are travelling to or from Fiji, Digicel offers greater coverage thanks to a quickly developing number of roaming agreements with overseas mobile operators in places like Australia, Hong Kong and even far off destinations such as Guyana. Digicel currently has roaming agreements with over 200 partners in over 150 countries.
  • For customers requiring mobile data services such as e-mail, Digicel offers a range of services with the BlackBerry range. Digicel data roaming services available with over 200 partners in over 150 countries; call Digicel Fiji Customer Care on 123 from a Digicel mobile to find out if roaming is available at your destination.
  • Digicel Fiji is a part of Digicel Pacific. With operations in six markets Digicel Pacific has become the fastest-growing telecommunications provider within the region and has recently won a licence to operate in French Polynesia.
  • Digicel’s launch in Samoa in November 2006 was followed by Papua New Guinea in July 2007, Tonga in May 2008, Vanuatu in June 2008 and Fiji in October 2008. Digicel launched in Nauru in September 2009 bringing mobile communications to the country for the first time.

Fiji International Telecommunications Ltd (FINTEL)

  • FINTEL is Fiji's premier international telecommunications carrier of choice.
  • Fiji’s primary link to the rest of the world is through the Southern Cross Cable Network. This third generation optical fibre submarine cable links Fiji to the rest of the world via Australia, New Zealand and the US West Coast via Hawaii. The cable is complemented by the New Skies Satellite Earth Station.
  • International telecommunications is switched through FINTEL’s Next Generation Network (NGN), providing choice of premium and IP services.
  • In the domestic market, FINTEL provides IP voice and data services through its VSAT (satellite) and Internet Service Provider (KIDANET) services using WiMax technology.
  • Clients also have a choice of using FINTEL radio back-haul to access the domestic market.

FINTEL International & Domestic Services:

  • Voice – premium and IP to over 230 countries
  • IP Transit – dual peering to US and Australia
  • International Private Lease (IPL) – speeds commencing from 2Mbps.
  • International Frame Relay – for small to medium enterprises from 64Kbps to 1024Kbps
  • VSAT – voice and data for domestic and the Pacific islands markets
  • Videoconferencing – IP or ISDN with speeds up to 2Mbits
  • Bandwidth Lease – dedicated links from 2Mbps upwards
  • International TV Transmission – occasional use television service via New Skies Satellite
  • Telehousing – 24x7 operations and service monitoring with direct access to the international gateway.
  • One Stop Shop – allow customers to deal with a single carrier, on behalf of the several carriers (including domestic) involved, in respect of service activation, billing and service assurance
  • Internet Serivce Provider (ISP) – IP data and voice through subsidiary, Kidanet.
Contact Details
Registered Head Office
P. O Box 59
Mercury House
158 Victoria Parade, Suva, Fiji.
Telephone: (679) 331 2933
Facsimile: (679) 330 5606
Vatuwaqa Communications Centre
Rifle Range Road
Vatuwaqa, Suva, Fiji
Telephone: (679) 338 7202
Facsimile: (679) 330 1646
Service Enquiries toll free number: 0800 331 5718
Website: www.fintel.com.fj
Email: inquiries@fintelfiji.com  

KIDANET - www.kidanet.com.fj


Individual Access

Internet Services provided by Connect (a subsidiary of Telecom Fiji Limited), Kidanet (subsidiary company of Fiji International Telecommunications Ltd), Unwired Fiji, Vodafone Fiji Ltd and Digicel offers Internet access to individuals with 'Individual Dialup' and 'Home User' packages. Casual access is also available at business bureaus and Internet cafes. For more information, please visit the following websites:

1. http://www.connect.com.fj
2. http://www.kidanet.com.fj
3. http://www.unwired.com.fj
4. http://www.vodafone.com.fj
5. http://www.digicelfiji.com

Corporate Access

Corporate connections allow an organisation to have Internet access via a single link with Internet Services. Internet access is then distributed to individual users over a network or the link may be used by a single person. Corporate Access options provide 24-hour connectivity and allow organisations to manage their own email accounts, web sites and other services.

Information & Communications Technology

Despite being viewed by the world as an idyllic paradise in the sun, Fiji has much more to offer than just sun and relaxation. A world-class international connectivity via the Southern Cross Cable fibre optic networks gives Fiji competitive edge in the globalised on-line world. The high speed network can now deliver a 240Gbps (capacity of new submarine cable system) fastest, most direct and most secure international bandwidth from Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii via the Pacific right to the heart of the Internet in the USA. Located strategically (GMT+12) between Asia and the USA, Fiji provides a “time-zone” business advantage, not only to East Asia and the US, but also to Eastern US and Europe. This makes it easily possible for businesses to process data, manage calls, analyse results and develop customer and technical solutions “overnight” from those regions, thus significantly lowering the costs of operating in those markets. In other words, no country begins the day earlier than Fiji.

Fiji offers high literacy rates by world standards, with a reasonably young working population. Fiji’s telecommunications infrastructure and improvements in the communication links to the world provides the country with a good platform for IT development. Openings in the mobile and VoIP industry complement the business sector with high expectations for front end and back end ICT business opportunities. Fiji has managed to secure its position in attracting some renowned ICT investors to locate their back office operation in Fiji. The Government offers ICT incentives and ICT dedicated zones to promote the development of the industry. In addition, the ICT stakeholders in Fiji have established the ICT Association to advocate the acceleration of the ICT industry locally.

Types of ICT activities:

  • Call Centres
  • Data/Voucher Processing
  • Mail Management
  • Telehosting/Warehousing
  • Disaster Recovery Management System
  • Software Development

Some of the renowned IT brands in FIJI are HP, Dell, IBM, Compaq, Acer, Cisco Systems

Types of Industries:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Tourism
  • Transport and Freight
  • Airline
  • Insurance
  • Retail/Wholesale
  • Audio Visual