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Government investments boosts Fijian economy

Date: 12 Nov, 2015

Fiji’s continuous investment in its infrastructure demonstrates Government’s acknowledgement that infrastructure development directly links to economic prosperity, says Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer, Mr Godo Müller-Teut.

He said the rippling effects of a modernized infrastructure meant positive implications for not only the attractiveness of Fiji as location to investors, but also the quality of inward investment.

For instance, the Nadi Airport redevelopment will not only increase travelers experience but also serve as flagship development project, showcasing both the position and aspiration of Fiji as the region’s foremost business and tourist destination.”

Mr Müller-Teut’s sentiments were echoed by Airports Fiji Limited’s Executive Chairman, Mr Faiz Khan who agreed the economic benefits would be enormous.

“The Nadi International Airport is Fiji’s Gateway to the world and the first and last impression of our country. The $105million refurbishment is pivotal in creating an attractive and modern Nadi International Airport. It’s not only about having a modern airport but also to create an experience for our passengers that will be remembered as one of the best in our part of the world,” Mr Khan said.

The Executive Chairman added the layout of the new terminal was designed in a manner to create a walk-through duty free experience that increased the duty free spend.

“All of these will boost Fiji’s exchange foreign reserves.”

He explained at the completion of the Nadi Airport Terminal Modernisation Project, Fiji would proudly boast having one of the South Pacific’s most integral airport facility reflecting the country’s position as the regional hub.

Mr Müller-Teut said Government’s priority in developing the country’s infrastructure like the airports, roads and transport system would continue to strengthen the economy and most importantly create more jobs for Fijians.

“Fiji offers diverse economic opportunities and has a stable political environment that encourages economic growth and development. Economic stability is essential for attracting significant inward investment; with Fiji having both low levels of inflation and positive GDP growth over the past years.”

The Reserve Bank of Fiji had announced that the economy’s revised growth rate was 5.3% in 2014 with 2015 also expected to have similar projections.  

While Government acknowledges that having better infrastructure will take time, its re-assurance that major works will and have continued is testament of its commitment. Therefore, infrastructure development is again expected to be a priority area for Government in 2016. Investing in Fiji, consequently is the most sensible and safest choice to make.