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Message from the Fiji Manufacturers Association

Date: 10 Sep, 2015
The Fiji Manufacturers Association acknowledges and compliments the Government for a strong economic performance. It is pleasing and encouraging to note that the Fijian economy is growing strongly at a very healthy GDP growth rate of over 5%.

This is particularly encouraging against the slower and somewhat low global GDP growth rate of around 2%.

The FMA strongly feels the economic policy of encouraging local manufacturers and promoting Fijian-Made products will, not only continue to maintain this good run, but as evidenced, will strongly contribute towards foreign exchange reserves, which currently sits at a record high level.

The FMA feels the strong economic recovery and growth rate is largely attributable to positive restructure of taxation policy, which encourages more savings for both the private sector and consumers, which together provides additional capital for both investments and consumption within the economy.

The FMA feels that the current economic policy of encouraging manufacturing, privatization, sound fiscal policy and these coupled with record low interest rate is ideal environment for manufacturers to invest more and make Fiji the manufacturing hub of not only the Pacific but Oceania.

FMA wishes to encourage Government to continue strong investment in Infrastructure to build more efficient services particularly in Ports, Roads, Water and Electricity.

The FMA believes this capacity building must continue to encourage future investment within the economy to grow and prosper.

Given the current low interest rate/cost of capital the FMA strongly feels the Government must take advantage of this to build the capacity in economy in terms of infrastructure, which will facilitate future economic growth and activities.

The FMA anticipates with enthusiasm for the Government to continue with these strong initiatives in the forthcoming 2015 national budget.