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Export Opportunities in Fiji

Export Opportunities in Fiji
Fiji’s domestic exports, which largely comprises of agricultural and fisheries commodities include sugar, fish, coconuts, taro, copra, pawpaw and ginger. Other major exports include garments, mineral water and gold which are part of the main pillars of domestic exports which earns a huge amount of foreign currency for Fiji.
Fiji also has extensive mahogany timber reserves, which are only now being exploited. In terms of value adding, the most important manufacturing activities are the processing of timber for furniture, canning and semi-process of fish, value adding and preserving of fruits and vegetables for the export markets. Another growing export is furniture made of palm wood.
Potential for the agriculture can be found in the production and export of high value niche agricultural produce. Products that give the best returns from infinite labour and land resources include traditional food crops, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and certified organic products- including virgin coconut oil.
Given the enormous export potential within the agriculture sector Government plans to intensify its Export Promotion Programme through awareness seminars/workshops for farmers. To facilitate the programme Government in 2016 allocated $1million with the ultimate aim of improving agricultural production levels and exports.
New programs funded in 2016 will target the development of dalo and yaqona.
Details of the opportunities available can be downloaded from the sector profiles.