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MSF Guidelines
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MSF Guidelines
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Marketing Support Fund (MSF)

The Marketing Support Fund (MSF) was established to assist micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) of the Forum Island Countries, which are characterised by limited financial resources, a lack of access to capital, and often an undue reliance on debt. The MSF facility was previously facilitated by Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), however in July 2009 it was transferred to Pacific Islands Private Sector Porganisation (PIPSO). The Fund aims to assist these enterprises with an injection of direct financial assistance targeted at specific market and product development projects.


To facilitate and enhance economic development of the private sector through capacity building in product development, market research and promotional activities. These would be consistent with PIPSO’s strategic goals in:
a) Capacity Building
b) Partnerships and
c) Technical Assistance

Types of Assistance Available

The MSF grants are offered on a cost sharing basis, with the grant paying for the airfares and conference fees while the participants will pay for the per diems. The payment of the airfares, conference fees and other associated costs will be made directly to suppliers e.g. travel agents for air fares, conference host for meeting fees etc. Payments will be made subject to relevant supporting documents submitted with the application which have been verified and endorsed by the National Private Sector Organiation (NPSO) representatives endorsing the application must declare if there is a ‘conflict of interest’ on their part regarding any application.

The MSF offers assistance in the following categories:

Market Research (maximum F$5,000):
This component assists applicants with the gathering of information such as consumer demographics, product demands, product specification, packaging and labeling specifications and prospective markets through research. This can apply to new products or existing products. The research can be conducted either internally or externally and results of the research must be included in the report upon completion of the project. The assistance will cover airfares, cost associated with the research and report writing. Per diems will be covered by the participant.

Exploration Visits (maximum F$5,000 within the region and F$8,000 outside the region):
The aim of this component is to encourage applicants to explore opportunities for their goods and/or services in target markets. Applications for this component must include evidence of research that was conducted on the market that will be visited, and a confirmed schedule of meetings with prospective customers. The report should include the outcomes of the meetings. The assistance should cover the cost of airfare of one person. Per diem will be covered by the participant.

Exhibition/Conference Participation (maximum F$5,000 within the region and F$8,000 outside the region):
This component allows the applicants to participate at exhibitions and/or trade conferences where they can promote their products and network with prospective buyers. The assistance should cover the cost of airfare of one (1) person, and up to 60% of airfreight charges. Per diems will be covered by the participant.

Promotional Material (maximum F$5,000): – material such as brochures, posters, advertisements and websites are crucial to the promotion of a product. This component provides the means for the applicants to produce promotional material. The assistance should cover the cost of design, layout and printing, and is offered for new material (no reprints) and as one time only.

With regards to all printed material, the following acknowledgement statement should be included in all printed material that is produced under the MSF, “Assistance for this project was provided by the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization” Reports for this component should include four (4) copies of the printed material.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for the MSF, a business/enterprise must meet each of the following conditions:
  • Must be registered and conducting business in one of the fourteen (14) Forum Island Countries
  • Must be a member of their respective National Private Sector Organization. The NPSO should be a regular member of PIPSO and their membership subscriptions have been paid for the current financial year. A list of NPSO’s and their contacts can be obtained by contacting PIPSO secretariat.
  • Has been trading for not less than twelve (12) months; and
  • Has not been assisted under the MSF/IDTP within 24 months from the time of the current application, i.e. applicants can only reapply after a period of two (2) years from when they were first assisted.

Funding Request

All MSF funding are distributed on a first-come-first serve basis. Applicants are required to fill out the application and forward to your local NPSO for endorsement. Application form is available from PIPSO website or from the PIPSO Secretariat. Endorsed application is to be sent to the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization (PIPSO) Office in Suva, Fiji or via this email address Requests must be submitted to the PIPSO Secretariat at least one (1) month before the commencement of the activity.

Post-Project Report

Upon completion of the project, the applicant is required to submit a comprehensive report to PIPSO Secretariat within two weeks after the industrial training attachment or the expert(s) training. Training/Conference fees and other related fees receipts should be submitted together with report.  Click HERE to download the format of the post-project report.


Latest changes on the MSG guidelines will be available at the following contacts.

a) Contact the NPSO Office in your country, or;

b) Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization (PIPSO) Secretariat,
P. O Box U30, Suva, Fiji, Fax (679) 3220293, Phone (679) 3312600,
E-mail:  Website: