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International Trade Centre (ITC)/Market Access Map Accessibility

ITC has developed three (3) web portals namely the Trade Map, Market Access Map and the Investment Map and has allowed users free access to the database. Data contained in the database is quite comprehensive and useful for any exporter to facilitate strategic research into market access issues, revealing competitive advantage, identifying the potential for market or product diversification, prioritising trade development programmes & preparing trade negotiation bargaining positions. The three web-based portals can be accessed at the following links:
  1. Trade Map - a web portal containing international trade statistics for over 220 countries and territories from over 5300 products of the Harmonized System, and up to 30,000 products at national tariff line level.
  2. Market Access Map - a web portal containing information on market access measures, trade agreements and rules of origin. It covers customs tariffs (import duties) and other measures applied by 191 importing countries to products from 239 countries and territories.
  3. Investment Map - an online portal combining statistics on FDI, international trade, market access, and information on foreign affiliates. This database collects yearly FDI statistics for about 200 countries and detailed FDI sectorial and/or country breakdown for about 115 countries. The Investment Map helps Investment Promotion Agencies identify priority sectors and competing countries for foreign investments, as well as existing and potential foreign investors. Moreover, it helps companies identify potential locations for investment abroad.
These web portals are accessible via a username and password which is available freely on-line.