National Export Strategy (NES)
The National Export Strategy (NES) was implemented to achieve sustainable growth by encouraging exports, competitiveness, value adding, export diversification and in areas where there are competitive advantages.

The Government has identified thirteen key areas within Product and Service sectors. Six product sectors comprise of the following areas Agro-Business, Sugar, Forestry, Marine Products, Mineral Water and Garments; and the seven service sectors comprises of Tourism, ICT, Audio-Visual, Financial Services, Health Services, Education & Training and Labour Mobility.

The NES is administered by Ministry of Industry of Trade and assists “Small and Medium Enterprises”(SME) within the prioritized sectors as mentioned above on a cost sharing basis with emphasis in addressing supply-side constraints such as product development, packaging, infrastructure, marketing and training.

Applications will be assessed at two levels by the appropriate NES Sector Team before approval. Approved projects will be monitored on a quarterly basis to verify performance and ensure compliance with the Ministry’s set Memorandum of Understanding with the recepient.

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