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Bilateral Trade Agreements

The non-reciprocal bilateral agreements that Fiji had with Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, and Cook Islands have expired.   Fiji is negotiating a renewed non-reciprocal bilateral trade agreement with Tuvalu.  A bilateral agreement on agriculture was signed with China in August 2005. The bilateral agreement with the United States on Fiji's quota garment exports signed in 1995 expired at the end of 2004 when MFA global quotas terminated but Fiji would like to negotiate a new agreement with the United States. Fiji signed the Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (FATERA) with Australia in March 1999. The FATERA sets a framework to improve bilateral trade but excludes preferential arrangements.  


Fiji has received an official proposal from China to negotiate an Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement.  It is negotiating its first Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements with Britain and Malaysia, and agreed on a framework for such an Agreement with the EU in 2005. Fiji concluded double taxation agreements with the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea and Singapore (in December 2005) and is negotiating similar agreements with India and the United States.