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Declaration Form (D1) - Declaration Form
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FIR Checklist and Regulations - Checklist 2012
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- Foreign Investment Survey Form
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ROC FIRCA TIN requirement - ROC additional requirement
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Investment Approval Process

The following steps must be undertaken by investors wishing to establish businesses in Fiji:

1.   Office of Registrar of Companies (ROC)

  • Reservation of business/company name

2.   Investment Fiji

  • Registration must be done via submission of a completed Application Form to Investment Fiji Office in Suva, Lautoka & Labasa, accompanied by a Registration Fee of F$2,725.00. An application form can be obtained from here.
  • Applications take five working days to process
  • Guide to Investing in Fiji
  • Post Registration Checklist

3.   Office of Registrar of Companies (ROC) will then:

4.   Immigration Department

      The investor will then need to apply to the Department of Immigration who will: 

  • Check criminal history/connection and character as required by the Immigration Act
  • Issue key post work permits to foreign investors
  • Work Permit Checklist

5.    Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF)

Once registered with Investment Fiji, a foreign investor holding a FIRC must apply directly to the RBF  who will:

  • Approve the issue and transfer of shares to non-residents
  • Confirm the remittance of investment from offshore
  • Check veracity of individuals seeking transaction approvals where required by RBF procedure
  • Issue & Transfer of Securities to Foreign Citizens

6.   Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority (FRCA) 

  • Ensure ROC registration has been obtained prior to processing applications
  • Register the enterprise for Income Tax, PAYE & VAT purposes, and issue Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) provided enterprises comply with application requirements.
  • Tax Registration Checklist

7.  City/Town Council Business Licenses

8.  Fiji National Provident Fund

  • Registration of employee and employer – superannuation.

9.  Other Government Agencies – depending on the nature of business.


Listed below are information summaries to guide  foreign investors on the requirements of foreign investment registration:

1. Legal and regulatory requirements involved in opening a Bank Account.

2. The requirements for obtaining other permits/licenses/approvals may be accessed through the following links:  


      a) Foreshore Development – Department of Lands & Survey
      b) Coasting Trade License – Fiji Maritime & Safety Administration (FIMSA)
      c) FIMSA Registration Certificate – Fiji Maritme Safety Administration
      d) Survey Certificate – Fiji Maritme Safety Administration
      e) Domestic Air Operators – Department of Civil Aviation
       f) Quarantined Flights - Department of Civil Aviation
      g) Tariff Filings Permit and License for International Air Operators – Department of Civil Aviation
      h) Unscheduled Civil Aircraft Flights Over flight/Landing in Fiji - Department of Civil Aviation
       i) Special Site Right – Department of Mineral Resources
       j) Prospecting License - Department of Mineral Resources
      k) Special Mining Lease & Permit to Mine – Department of Mineral Resources
       l) CX & SPL - Department of Mineral Resources
    m) Mining incentives - Department of Mineral Resources
     n) Sawmill License – Department of Forests
     o) Harvesting Right License (RL) (Logging) – Department of Forests
     p) Treatment Plant Provisional Approval & Treatment Plant License – Department of Forests
     q) Liquor License – Office of Solicitor General
      r) Hotel License - Office of Solicitor General
     s) Short Life Investment Package – Ministry of Finance
      t) Standard Allowance – Ministry of Finance
     u) Native Lease approval – Native Land Trust Board
     v) Subdivision application – Department of Town & Country Planning
    w) Rezoning applications  - Department of Town & Country Planning
     x) Development & Building Permits - Department of Town & Country Planning
     y) Fishing License – Department of Fisheries

3. D1 Form

Once all required approvals have been obtained and the business commences commercial operations, it is mandatory for business to fill in and return a Declaration (D1) form to Investment Fiji. D1 form.


Apply to the Department of Immigration three (3) months prior to the expiry of current key post work permit. A written request for a Progress Report must be submitted to the Investment Fiji concurrently. Refer to the Investment Fiji documentary requirement checklist. Work Permit Checklist

Please feel free to contact Ritesh Gosai on email: or any Investment Officers in Headquarters or Regional offices.