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Key Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure plays an important role in linking the key social and economic sectors of the economy including resources based industries, education and health. Fiji’s infrastructure provides very good transportation system to the people in Fiji. Fiji has a very good road transportation system. By road all the major cities and towns are interrelated in Fiji. Moreover, there are water ferry systems and international airport is also a popular mode of transportation in this country. Fiji has many industries of which the Tourism industry is the main pillar of economy here. The municipalities and the government take good care of all these matters that contribute to the well-being of a country in general.

Water supply in Fiji is one of the basic infrastructure and this aspect of this country is well maintained and looked after. Almost all the people of Fiji get fresh water from the piped water supply. This water supply department is maintained by the Water Authority of Fiji. The quality of the water that is supplied is very good.

Electricity, which is another important part of the Fiji infrastructure, is well maintained in the country. All most all the areas of the country have the access to electricity. Electricity distribution and other controls are done by the Fiji Electricity Authority. Nowadays there are pressing need and more demand of electricity. As a result, many other electricity producers are encouraged to take part in this field. The main sources of Fiji electricity are, water and diesel. Transportation, banking, airport services, shipping links and telecommunication are essential to modern commerce and also as a support service to the promotion of raising exports and investments and also the creation of employment for the locals.

Infrastructure in Fiji is a great one and favorable for further growth. The infrastructure of Fiji consists of the water supply, electricity, transportation, industries and some other factors like air and sea ports. Fiji gives the native people a very good infrastructure that helps in further development of the nation.