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About Fiji

About Fiji

Strategically located in the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji offers a cost-competitive location for investors intending to set up offshore operations for the manufacture of advanced technological products for regional and international markets.  Fiji has today become an export-driven economy spurred by high technology, knowledge-based and capital-intensive industries.

There are numerous opportunities in the traditional economic sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing as well as in rapidly emerging sectors like ICT and integrated resort developments.  Fiji has a proven track record in attracting investors from all over the world, many of whom have re-invested in multiple projects in Fiji.

Being a market-oriented economy and supported by pro-business Government policies, Fiji offers investors a dynamic and vibrant business environment through an efficient regulatory environment, a highly skilled and multi-lingual workforce and a culture of innovation.  Fiji boasts of an unspoiled environment of pristine beauty and is a nature lover’s delight. Located at the crossroads of the Pacific, Fiji is the exotic melting pot of cultures of Fijian, Indian, Chinese, South Sea Islanders and European settlers.

Over the years, Fiji has secured its place as a truly advantageous, safe and business-friendly location of unparalleled quality for ALL investors. The country is poised for further growth as it is the major business hub in the Pacific Region.

Land Area:      18,333 square kilometers
Mostly mountains of volcanic origin
Over 300 islands including the two largest islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu


Population: Approximately 860,000 (2014 est.)
Ethnic Group:    Fijian 57.3% (predominantly Melanesian with a Polynesian admixture), Indian 37.6%, Rotuman 1.2%, other 3.9% (European, other Pacific Islanders, Chinese) (2007 census)
Religions: Protestant 55.4% (Methodist 34.6%, Assembly of God 5.7%, Seventh-Day Adventist 3.9%, Anglican 0.8%, other 10.4%), Hindu 27.9%, Roman Catholic 9.1%, Muslim 6.3%, Sikh 0.3%, other or unspecified 0.3%, none 0.7% (2007 census)
Languages: English (official), Fijian, Hindustani

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