Mission Statement

Our Vision

Investment Fiji will be a dynamic force in the creation of economic wealth in Fiji through the promotion, facilitation and stimulation of investments and exports.

Our Mission

Investment Fiji shall actively promote investments and export of goods and services. It shall provide fast and friendly service to investors and exporters and shall provide quality advice to the government for increasing investment and export. Investment Fiji aims to stimulate the development of new and existing industries by facilitating their establishment, expansion and diversification.

Our Values

  • Efficient and friendly customer service;
  • Team work;
  • Accountability;
  • Dedication and commitment;
  • Promote a positive image for Fiji;
  • Promote high quality products;
  • Work in partnership with government, international organizations, businesses and the community at large.

Our Mandate

Investment Fiji is a statutory body formed by Government to:

  • promote investment opportunities and facilitate development of industries, ventures or enterprises that create employment opportunities, increase exports, reduce imports, or are otherwise beneficial to the economy of Fiji;
  • assist other persons or bodies in the establishment or expansion of any such activities;
  • undertake product and market development and research either alone or jointly with any other person;
  • act as the agent for the Government on such matters as may be delegated to it;
  • advise on policies that would further trade and investment in Fiji;
  • advise the Minister on appropriate administrative machinery to facilitate trade and investment;
  • make grants for purposes related to the discharge of its functions under this act;
  • generally do all such things as may be incidental to or consequential upon the exercise of its powers or functions under this act.
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