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Vodafone Fiji Pte Limited is a 100% locally owned entity, of which 51% is owned by Amalgamated Telecommunications Holdings and 49% by Fiji National Provident Fund. Since our inception in 1994, Vodafone continues to explore new boundaries in the mobile telecommunications realm and bring to all Fijians, the next level of mobile innovation. Vodafone strives to be a world class organization with continuous improvements in the organization's work systems and processes delivering world class services and solutions to more than 780,000 subscribers on its network with a population coverage of circa 96%.

Vodafone Fiji works closely with the Vodafone Group and other operating companies to deliver cutting edge technology to the people of Fiji, which is second to none in the Pacific region.

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Sponsored Event

01. The 2nd Pacific Exposition

This exposition expects to host 20countries and 150 companies in a 4-day virtual forums and exhibition to provide market access for the PIC commodities and products .

02. US Trade & Investment Conference

The event will be hosted in collaboration with the US Embassy and Fiji USA Business Council to highlight Fiji-US Investment & Trade opportunities.

03. Customer Care Week- Australia

The webinar will highlight the many opportunities in the BPO sector in Fiji.

04. New Zealand Importer Webinar

The webinar will be a 'pitching' session where a selected number of established Fijian exporters will pitch their products to interested importers /distributors from New Zealand.

05.Fiji-Australia Trade Expo

The Fiji-Australia Trade Expo will be a virtual trade expo showcasing Fiji's premium products and services.

Vodafone's SD-WAN Solution

We are living in times of rapid change and the drive towards digitization is forcing companies to adapt an devolve to serve their customers.