At A Glance

Investment Fiji was formed in 1980 under the Economic Development Board Act No.11 to promote, stimulate and facilitate economic development in Fiji.  

As a statutory organisation, Investment Fiji operates independently as the marketing arm of the Fiji Government to provide services and assistance to promote, facilitate and stimulate increased investments and exports.  

Investment Fiji provides a range of services to promote investment and the development of industries and enterprises as well as to increase exports of goods and services.  

Investment Fiji works for the benefit of the national economy by creating employment opportunities, raising economic activities, and bringing in foreign exchange to the country, thereby increasing Fiji’s economic growth and prosperity prospects.  

Through this core function of promoting and facilitating investment and exports, Investment Fiji helps raise Fiji’s standard of living and contributes to the eradication of poverty.  

Investment Fiji undertakes regulatory functions, promotional activities, and advisory and information services to meet its objectives. Investment Fiji also acts as a  liaison between the Government, private sector as well as regional and international agencies.


To be a Leading economic development agency, by ensuring increased sustainable levels of investment and exports.


To create a positive economic impact in the lives of fijians through premium investments, export and employment opportunities. We also seek to diversify the economy such that it is dynamic and less susceptible to global economic shocks.Hence, Investment Fiji is a key actor in the Governement's effort to ensure a Fiji of the future where a good and sustainable qulity of the life is accessible to all