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Investor Reporting

One of the key mandates of Investment Fiji is providing support and facilitation to investors. Therefore, pursuant to clause 4 of the Investment (Foreign Investors Reporting) Regulation 2022, foreign investors must provide an update report on their investment activities within 3 months from the date of business or company incorporation in Fiji.

Using the information collected, the Fijian Government will be able to provide investor facilitation, guidance, and assistance for regulatory approvals.


Request for Waiver

The Investment (Reserved and Restricted Activities) Regulations 2022, requires all foreign investors investing in Fiji to remit a sum of $300,000 within 3 months of incorporating in Fiji.

However, subject to Section 3(3) of the Regulation, the Minister responsible for investment may provide a waiver of the minimum investment threshold to a foreign investor based on an economic analysis or assessment of skills.

In such case, the Foreign Investor will need to submit their request through the waiver request form.


All applicants for employment in Investment Fiji must be good character, with a background that demonstrates their commitment.
To apply and eligible for consideration applicants must complete the application form and also include cover letter addressing the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities required for the position.

Vacancies available

1. Investment Facilitation2. IT Administrator

Investment Fiji invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) from interested private sector organizations to participate in Fiji Investment & Trade Mission to New Zealand which is planned to be in end of March 2023.

Expression of interest

1. EOI for Exhibitors2. EOI for Fashion Brands3. EOI Fine Food NZ

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