German Couple Takes Home Agribusiness Innovation Challenge Award

It was a remarkable achievement for small businesses owners of Yanuyanu Ltd, German national Robert Glowatzki and his Italian wife Lucilla Chiericati at the Prime Minister’s International Business Awards last weekend.

The couple’s business was recognised for the Agribusiness Innovation Challenge Award.

Glowatzki, whose business is located in Taveuni, expressed profound gratitude for the recognition, stating, "It is a great honor for our small business in Taveuni to receive this prestigious award. We would have never thought we would make it this far."

Acknowledging the collective effort of his team, Glowatzki dedicated the award to all the workers on the farm, particularly highlighting the invaluable contributions of his wife, who was unable to attend the ceremony.

"It is in the name of all our workers who worked in the farm, especially my wife who is not here today as she is looking after the farm. She is the best farmer I have ever met in my life," he said.

Glowatzki emphasized the challenges of farming, recognising the hardships faced by every farmer.

"Farming is a difficult business; it's not easy, and every farmer knows that," he added.

The award represents a significant leap forward for Glowatzki and his team, acknowledging the relentless dedication they have poured into their agricultural endeavors.

With a focus on health and seafood products, Glowatzki outlined their commitment to providing healthy choices for consumers.

The Agribusiness Innovation Challenge Award not only celebrates Glowatzki's success but also recognizes the pivotal role his business plays in driving positive change within the agricultural landscape of Fiji.