Fiji exporters explored market opportunities in Surrey, Canada

Exporters from Fiji who are part of the Fiji delegation for the Fiji North-America Business Mission conducted market visits in Surrey, Canada yesterday.

Facilitated by Investment Fiji in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Cooperatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Communications, along with the Fiji Trade Commission North America, this mission aims to foster bilateral trade relations between Fiji and North America.

The delegation comprised some of the Fijian businesses, including the Agriculture Marketing Authority, Ranviz Farm Fresh Produce, Kavalicious (Fiji) Pte Limited, Pleass Global Limited, and Sea and Soil Pte Limited, all eager to tap into the vibrant North American markets.

During their visit, the delegation toured local stores in Surrey, Canada, which are owned by former Fiji citizens and specialize in selling authentic Fijian products.

Additionally, they engaged in constructive dialogues with a major distributor responsible for importing Fijian products to be retailed across Canada.

These engagements were centered around exploring avenues for the distribution and sale of Fijian products through the distributor's network. Both parties expressed keen interest in further collaboration.

Ranviz Farm Fresh Produce Director Ranjita Devi, expressed her optimism about the potential market expansion.

"We had a look at the product packaging and labelling to see the standards here. We were able to learn the demand for new varieties of products and how people are adapting to new tastes here. We are already exporting to New Zealand and Australia, and it would be a great achievement if we can secure a market in Canada as well,” stated Devi.

Kavalicious(Fiji) Pte Limited Director Ana Malumuvatu, shared similar sentiments, highlighting the networking opportunities during the market visit.

"It was a great networking opportunity. I was able to exchange contacts and pitch in my other kava-related products as well, such as kava biscuits. The discussions sound fruitful, and I look forward to a positive response from the businesses that I met,” said Malumuvatu.

The exporter shave committed to providing samples of their products to the Canadian stores, facilitating further negotiations and market penetration strategies.

Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty emphasized the strategic significance of this mission in strengthening Fiji's export sector.

"The Fiji North-America Business Mission serves as a great platform for Fijian exporters to explore and capitalize on emerging market opportunities in North America. We are committed to facilitating such initiatives that contribute to the growth and diversification of Fiji's export portfolio,” highlighted Chetty.