Celebrating Remarkable Success in Business

The Prime Minister’s International Business Awards is more than just a ceremony; it's a testament to the dedication and hard work of our business community.

The theme for this year's awards is "Resilience, Recovery, and Progress." This theme resonates deeply with the challenges our nation has faced in recent times. The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented disruptions to economies worldwide, and Fiji was not immune. However, it also showcased the true spirit of Fijian entrepreneurship and resilience. Many of you here tonight have not only weathered this storm but have emerged stronger, more resilient, and more innovative than ever before.

These awards are not merely a celebration of your achievements, but they serve as an opportunity for the businesses to set higher standards, inspire innovation, create jobs, and boost employee morale. We recognize the countless efforts that you have invested in your ventures. We acknowledge your dedication and your passion for driving Fiji's economy forward.

As I reflect on the history of these awards, which began in 1992 as the Exporter of the Prime Minister’s Awards, I am delighted to share that I had the privilege of being the Prime Minister back then. Over the years, we have witnessed a profound transformation in the business landscape of Fiji. Tonight, we not only celebrate the present achievements but also acknowledge the journey of evolution and growth that these businesses have undertaken.

The Prime Minister's International Business Awards stand as a beacon, recognizing, celebrating, and rewarding businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Our focus has been on those who have not only demonstrated proven success through tangible results but have also reshaped their strategies for a sustainable and innovative future.

The awards have been expanded, with 17 categories, including three new ones: The Excellence in Outsourcing Award, the Best Crisis Recovery Award, and the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA) Plus Agribusiness Innovation Challenge. These additions reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of our economy. We want to celebrate those who have not only adapted to change but have embraced it to create sustainable growth.

As we celebrate the winners of the Prime Minister's International Business Awards, let us remember that their success not only elevates them but also inspires us all. These businesses will serve as role models in Fiji’s private sector, motivating others to strive for excellence and break new ground. Their stories of resilience, recovery, and progress will inspire the entire nation.

I must emphasize the crucial role of the private sector organizations and businesses in our collective effort towards improving Fiji's economy. You are the drivers of economic growth, the creators of job opportunities, and the champions of innovation. It is your hard work, dedication, and unyielding spirit that have led us to where we stand today.