Pacific Centrecom wins inaugural outsourcing award

Pacific Centrecom (Fiji) Pte Ltd won the newly added Excellence in Outsourcing Award at the Prime Minister’s International Business Awards.

Chief Executive Officer Carol Watkins said it marks a significant milestone for the company, as they have carved their mark being the first-ever recipient in this category.

Watkins graciously accepted the award on behalf of her dedicated management team and the hardworking 1000 employees who have played a pivotal role in the company's journey.

Acknowledging the challenges faced, she noted," It has not been smooth sailing all the way, it has been tough."

The company experienced substantial growth, expanding from 250 to nearly 1000 employees and establishing six centres across Fiji within the last year.

Watkins attributed their success to a strategic approach, stating, "We believe that our success comes from the fact that we have taken the work to where the people live; that’s helped with the retention."

She emphasized the positive impact of their widespread presence on employee retention.

The CEO expressed gratitude to the company's clients, including global giants like McDonald's Australia and Hawaiian Airlines, whose testimonials played a crucial role in attracting new clients.

Acknowledging their shareholders, Fiji Airways and the Cassar Family, Watkins expressed deep appreciation for their unwavering support.

Reflecting on their journey from 35 people nine years ago to winning this prestigious award, Watkins attributed the success to the hard work of the team, client trust, shareholder support, and government backing.

The Excellence in Outsourcing Award stands as a testament to Pacific Centrecom's commitment to excellence, resilience, and strategic innovation in the outsourcing sector.