Morris Apartments to capitalize on growing demand for accommodation

The Morris Apartments, a new luxurious, over $3 million development in Suva, Fiji, is offering a modern living experience for corporates, locals, and expats alike. 

This new accommodation is one of the many projects in Suva’s tourism industry which seeks to address the growing demand for more quality rooms within the capital. 

“Fiji is home for us, and we are committed to contributing to its growth,” shared Investor Ajay Morris.   


“The Morris Apartments demonstrate that Fiji can offer the same level of comfort and modernity as any major city globally.”  

“Seeing the apartments become a home for both locals and expatriates has been a truly rewarding experience,” he added. 

The Morris Apartments development, close to Suva’s main city center, has created direct employment opportunities with property management, security, and landscaping companies.  


The project also indirectly benefited the construction and furnishing industries through subcontracting and procurement from local retailers. 

The development underscores the importance of real estate investment in Fiji’s tourism sector.  

“The Morris Apartments represent the kind of investment, Fiji needs to attract more visitors and cater to the growing expatriate community,” said Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty.  

“This project showcases the high standards of living available in Suva.”  

“We acknowledge the developers for their commitment to Fiji as they and many other real estate investors redefine luxury living in Suva, ”he added. 

 As the country strives to increase its room inventory and cater to a wider range of travelers, such developments play a crucial role in attracting visitors and enhancing their overall experience. 

 With its focus on luxury living and a commitment to meeting the demand for accommodation in Suva, Morris Apartments is a welcome addition to Suva.