Spotlight on Fiji at the Pacific Fair in New Caledonia

A delegation of 28 members consisting of business owners, Investment Fiji staff and stakeholders from Fiji will participate in the highly anticipated Pacific Fair in New Caledonia through the unwavering support of Investment Fiji, Tourism Fiji, and New Caledonia Trade and Invest.

The delegation will attend the event scheduled to take place this week which will showcase Fiji’s culture, products, and tourism attractions.

The Pacific Fair is a renowned business-to-consumer event, drawing in approximately 250 exhibitors and an astounding25,000 to 30,000 visitors annually.

New Caledonia has extended a warm invitation to Fiji as the guest of honor, providing the Fiji delegation an extraordinary platform to exhibit their wares and introduce the world to Fiji's rich cultural heritage and stunning products.

One of the participating businesswomen, Rigieta Nuku, an expert in the art of mat weaving, expressed her excitement at being part of this significant journey.

"I am elated to be part of the group departing Fiji for the upcoming business mission. Some of my products have already made their mark in New Caledonia, and I am eager to present not only my meticulously woven mats but also a selection of handicrafts at the exhibition,” shared Nuku.

Tiko Ledua, another enterprising businesswoman, sees this opportunity as a gateway to expand her business into new markets.

Investment Fiji staff Musarat Ali, Gordon Leewai, Zafrin Ali along with some of the delegation members.

Specializing in interior decoration, wall décor, and innovative upcycled products, Ledua stated, "We are particularly keen on promoting our upcycled products at the event. As a home-based business owner, expanding our product range can be challenging. I view this event as a golden opportunity to introduce my products to both the Fiji and New Caledonian markets."

Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty stated thereis a vast potential for strengthenedcooperation between the two nations, particularly in the economic sector.

“The increased presence of Fijian exhibitors at this fair will foster meaningful connections between economic players in Fiji and New Caledonia, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations," said Chetty.

The New Caledonia Pacific Fair is scheduled to take place in Nouméa from October 6 to 8, 2023.

The event will be an innovative step for Fiji businesses, offering a unique platform to expand their horizons and forge lasting partnerships.