Significant business leads for Fijian exporters

Fijian exporters who participated in the recent Fiji North-America Business Mission have garnered substantial interest and leads, proving the mission to be highly successful.

The Business Mission to the United States of America and Canada was facilitated by Investment Fiji, in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Cooperatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Communications, and the Fiji Trade Commission North America.

Led by the Minister for Trade, Cooperatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Communications, Hon. Manoa Kamikamica, the mission aimed to expand the reach of local exporters and build valuable international connections for them.

Organic fertilizer company, Sea & Soil Redox Refinery Pte Ltd, Director, Rohini Hamid stated she has gained a deeper understanding of the North American market, particularly in the areas of sustainability and ethical sourcing.

(L-R) Sea & Soil Redox Refinery Pte Ltd, Directors, Rohini Hamid and Aiaz Hamid

"We also learned a lot about the regulatory landscape in both Canada and the US. Navigating these differences will be crucial as we expand. Additionally, we were able to connect with potential distributors and retailers who specialize in artisanal and sustainable products, which was invaluable. The discussions were incredibly productive,” added Hamid.

Ranviz Farm Fresh Produce, Director, Avnil Kumar also shared his positive experience.

“The event gave us the exposure and insight to build, understand and give it a go to our business to see where it has potential to hit the market. With the help and by doing more research and getting more ideas from Investment Fiji, we will indeed increase our business on a massive scale ,”said Kumar.

Kumar emphasized the importance of maintaining healthy and professional business relationships and focusing on business ethics.

"We will look into new markets and study in the areas where our company has more potential to grow from the relationships and connections we made from this mission.”

Pleass Global Limited, known for its exceptional water bottling and top-notch products was represented by their Business Development Manager, Colton Pleass, who also expressed optimism.

“Discussions were great and I made some good connections. I am currently in discussion with two distribution companies I met, and hopefully, these will turn into some good continuous orders. The impact has been good, we have struggled in the past with California market, but Pleass Global Limited has a hopeful outlook for what's to come.”

(L-R) Ranviz Farm Fresh Produce, Directors, Avnil Kumar and Ranjita Devi with Pleass Global Limited Business Development Manager, Colton Pleass

Investment Fiji, Chief Executive Officer, Kamal Chetty, highlighted that the level of interest and the quality of connections the exporters made, has been impressive.

“We have received positive feedback from our exporters, highlighting the invaluable insights, leads, and potential business opportunities they have gained. We are confident that these new connections and the knowledge gained will potentially grow the Fijian businesses in the North American market for years to come.”

The Business Mission to North-America was held from 4th to 14th May, 2024.