McDonald’s expands its backend operations in Fiji

Vuvale Restaurants (Fiji) Ltd, the parent company of McDonald's Fiji and property developer, announced a $25 million investment of anew retail and supermarket complex in Nadi.

 Managing Director of Vuvale Restaurants Marc McElrath said the completion is scheduled by the end of 2024.

 "This development will bring a new shopping and retail experience for residents in Nadi," he said.

The new complex is just one of several projects Vuvale Restaurants has undertaken in recent years.

 The company will open a new McDonald's outlet in Nakasi and has plans to develop another in Lami with a new distribution center already in construction in Lautoka.

 “We are very confident with Fiji at the moment, there is a lot of construction currently underway in the country.

 “We are hoping to bring in more new jobs and investments into the country that will hopefully translate into better standards for restaurants and food facilities in the country.”

 Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty welcomed Vuvale Restaurants' continued investment in Fiji.

 "This project is a significant example of the positive impact local direct investment can have on our economy," said Chetty.

 "Local direct investment creates jobs, boosts economic activity, and contributes to the transfer of knowledge and expertise."

 Investment Fiji has also played a key role in facilitating Vuvale Restaurants projects in Fiji.

 Through continuous follow-up and communication with stakeholders regarding several bottleneck issues, Investment Fiji ensured all issues were solved, allowing Vuvale Restaurants to proceed with their development plans.

 "We will continue to support and assist our investors with any issues that they might face with stakeholders," said Chetty.

 "Their dedication to supporting our economic development is invaluable."

 Vuvale Restaurants continuous development and creating a positive impact towards economic development will bring confidence for Fiji’s business environment.

Construction underway in Nadi, Fiji.