Investment Fiji helps Unik Tropical Export expand into new markets

Nadi based Unik Tropical Export, a prominent fresh and frozen food exporter with close to a $1 million worth of export value, has embarked on expanding into new international markets with the support from Investment Fiji.

Company Director, Dhirendra Nath stated that Unik Tropical Export has been actively exporting organic turmeric to high-potential markets, including the United States of America and Canada.

The company has established a strong presence in the global arena by exporting an array of fresh and frozen vegetables, such as taro and cassava, to various overseas destinations.

"Our primary objective is to promote Fiji's exceptional products on the global stage. Thanks to Investment Fiji's invaluable support, we have successfully entered the market for yam export, recently dispatching our inaugural consignment to Brisbane, Australia. We eagerly anticipate receiving more orders from these markets, which will further benefit our local farmers," stated Nath.

"Through Investment Fiji, we are actively exploring additional markets for our fresh and frozen vegetables. We are genuinely appreciative of their support in enhancing our marketing efforts."

Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty commended Unik Tropical Export's remarkable success. 

"We take immense pride in supporting our local companies’ expansion into new markets, a development that promises to create employment opportunities and contribute to the flourishing Fiji economy," stated the CEO.

Chetty further highlighted the positive impact of the company's commitment to sourcing produce from Fijian farmers, noting that it significantly elevates the farmers' quality of life by providing a platform to export their goods.

"We are delighted to foster Unik Tropical Export's growth journey, as we firmly believe in the company's potential to emerge as a leading exporter of local produce. We remain confident that this trajectory will not only create jobs but also bolster Fiji’s economy," he affirmed.

Fiji has significant potential to increase its export capabilities as there is a diverse range of products and services to offer, including agricultural products, seafood, manufactured goods etc, according to the CEO.

“Investment Fiji works alongside the Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives,Small and Medium Enterprises which is committed to supporting the growth of ourexport sector.”

“We have a number ofpolicies and programs in place to help businesses export, and we are workingwith our development partners to provide additional support,” added Chetty.