Investment Fiji facilitates strategic partnership between Shahil’s Party Ice and Frozen Supplies and Extra Supermarket

Shahil’s Party Ice and Frozen Supplies which specializes in party ice and agricultural products has commended Investment Fiji, for its pivotal role in securing a strategic partnership with Extra Supermarket, one of the leading supermarket chains in the country. The partnership, aimed at the supply of a wide range of products, marks a significant milestone for the business.

Director Avishay Singh expressed his gratitude for the invaluable support received from Investment and Trade Promotion Agency in Fiji.

"The market knowledge, connections, and deal facilitation provided by the Investment Fiji team have played an instrumental role in our business expansion. This partnership will not only strengthen our position in the local market but also open doors to new opportunities," he said.

Shahil’s Party Ice and Frozen Supplies, established in 2017, has provided employment to eight locals and is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of consumers locally.

"This strategic expansion in to the local market has allowed us to reach a broad customer base and establish a strong presence," mentioned Singh while also emphasizing on the business's commitment to import substitution.

"Our cassava fries, in particular, offer several benefits as a healthier alternative to imported processed potato fries. By using locally sourced cassava, we offer these fries at a competitive price, making them an affordable choice for consumers. This not only benefits our customers but also reduces the need for more expensive imported products."

He further highlighted the company's positive impact on the local economy.

"As we source cassava locally, our business supports local farmers and agricultural communities, contributing to economic growth and sustainability within our region. By producing a domestic substitute for imported goods, we help decrease the reliance on foreign products, which can improve the trade balance and reduce the outflow of currency from the country."

Singh expressed his appreciation for Investment Fiji's contribution to their success.

"Investment Fiji helped us identify and enter new markets by arranging meetings with potential buyers. This support was instrumental in creating opportunities to introduce our products to a wider audience. Through their connections and network, Investment Fiji introduced us to key stakeholders and decision-makers at Extra Supermarket, making it easier to present our products and negotiate a deal. Investment Fiji has provided us with valuable market information and insights, helping us better understand the local market conditions and consumer preferences, which is crucial for a successful market entry. They played a significant role in facilitating the deal with Extra Supermarket, assisting with negotiations, paperwork, and other logistical aspects of the agreement."

Singh expressed enthusiasm for diversifying the product range, with a particular emphasis on agricultural products as part of future plan.

"This strategic approach aligns with our commitment to supporting local farmers and meeting the evolving demands of consumers. We look forward to offering a wider array of high-quality, locally sourced agricultural products while venturing into new international markets to grow our business and contribute to the agricultural sector's sustainability and prosperity."

Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty stated that the partnership between Shahil’s Party Ice and Frozen Supplies and Extra Supermarket, facilitated by Investment Fiji, exemplifies the organization's dedication to fostering economic growth and promoting the sustainable development of local businesses.