UNESCAP And Investment Fiji to work on Gender Equality and Climate Action

The UnitedNations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) iscollaborating with Investment Fiji to boost foreign direct investment (FDI)which supports both gender equality and climate action in the country.

Through its mission to Fiji, UNESCAP’s aims to empower the country's role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

"Traditionally, gender equality and climate action haven't been seen as key factors for attracting investment," said UNESCAP representative, Heather Taylor-Strauss.

"However, through this collaboration, we aim to demonstrate how UNESCAP's expertise in both FDI and gender equality can be harnessed to cultivate powerful tools for progress, as well as how FDI into climate action can support Fiji in progressing towards its climate ambitions."

The joint mission involved in-depth training workshops with Investment Fiji staff, focusing on utilising UNESCAP's resources to promote gender-driven FDI which also includes showcasing Fiji's thriving women-owned businesses to attract investors committed to gender equality.

"Investment Fiji is thrilled to partner with UNESCAP on this crucial initiative," said Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer, Kamal Chetty.

"We believe FDI can be a powerful driver for gender equality,” he said.

“By actively supporting female entrepreneurs, integrating them into global markets, and providing access to vital knowledge and expertise, we can create a more inclusive and prosperous Fiji,” added Mr. Chetty.

The CEO also further emphasized the importance of UNESCAP's mission, stating that Investment Fiji is committed to ensuring the resources effectively promote gender-driven FDI with the mission providing the organisation with valuable tools and insights to achieve this goal.

Fiji is a recognised leader in the fight against climate change as UNESCAP also recognises the critical role of climate-focused FDI (CFDI) in achieving a sustainable future.

CFDI supports projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, develop renewable energy sources, and strengthen infrastructure resilience.

The mission involved site visits and interviews with investors who are leading by example in gender equality, social responsibility, and climate action.

These inspiring stories will be shared in a series of monthly video interviews published on Investment Fiji's social media channels.

Through collaboration with UNESCAP, Investment Fiji will be able to ensure it attracts investors dedicated to these goals.

This mission is a crucial step towards achieving the SDGs in the Asia-Pacific region, which is projected for completion by 2062.

With a focused investment in gender equality and climate action programs, this partnership aims to accelerate progress and build a brighter future for all Fijians.