Mechanical Services new warehouse construction to boost efficiency and create jobs

Mechanical Services Pte Limited will be creating 50 new employment opportunities upon the completion of its warehouse facility in Namaka Sub-division in Nadi.

This expansion project, will significantly enhance the company's operational efficiency apart from creating new job opportunities for the community.

“We are thrilled about the development, which will not only enhance our company's capabilities but also significantly contribute to the country's infrastructure growth,” said Managing Director, Shiv Sharma.

“This progress underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence, ultimately benefiting our clients and the broader community,” stated Sharma.

The new warehouse is said to be designed to prioritize the flow of good sand personnel as dedicated areas will be allocated for receiving shipments, storage, order picking, packing, and shipping.

The facility will also have allocated space for administrative tasks such as inventory management, scheduling, and customer service.

“Mechanical Services has made a vast contribution to Fiji and its economy through its operations around the two major islands,” said Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer, Kamal Chetty.

“This warehouse expansion is a testament to the growing demand for modern warehousing facilities in Fiji, which is a crucial component of the supply chain, being the hub for the storage, handling, and distribution of goods and services,” added Chetty.

“We are committed to facilitating such developments and fostering a thriving logistics sector within the country.”

The warehouse design will also take into consideration the environmental aspects to ensure better conditions for storing sensitive goods such as perishable items or chemicals.

The design of the warehouse will also allow for future growth and scalability by designing the layout with flexibility in mind, leaving space for additional storage capacity, equipment upgrades, or changes in operational needs.

Construction of the new warehouse is expected to be completed by September, 2024.