Anticipation builds up for Fiji’s most prestigious awards

In anticipation of the distinguished Prime Minister’s International Business Awards, Investment Fiji as the organiser’s of the Award, ensures comprehensive readiness for the upcoming event on Saturday.  Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty provides an insight:


Can you provide an overview of the Prime Minister's International Business Awards (PMIBA) and its significance?

  • Prime Minister’s International Business Awards (PMIBA)is the premier event in the country.
  • Best of businesses are recognized for their excellence, innovation, resilience and more importantly contribution towards the growth of the Fijian economy.
  • Prime Minister’s International Business Awards (PMIBA)provide an opportunity for businesses in Fiji to benchmark performance, build capability, inspire to innovate, showcase service
  • excellence, support job creation and boost employee morale.
  • Theme “Resilience, Recovery and Progress”
  • The Awards aspire to reward businesses which have challenged their limitations to break conventional barriers and punch above their weight through ingenious approaches.
  • The winners get a competitive edge over other businesses in the country, be role models in Fiji’s private sector and motivate them to propel to excellence.  

How is the preparation underway for the Prime Minister's International Business Awards?

  •   Preparations are running smoothly, we are at around 90% occupancy meaning we have sold majority of our tickets with only limited seats available now.
  •   Investment Fiji staff have been working vigorously to make sure the event runs accordingly to our and our sponsors expectation.
  •   I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors, they made it possible for us to elevate the awards.  

How many applications did you receive for the Prime Minister’s International Business Awards?

  • An increase in the application numbers for 2022 as compared to the previous event in 2019.
  • 219 applications were submitted through an online portal for all thirteen categories in various sectors.
  • We are overwhelmed with the applications that we have received.
  • I would like to thank all applicants who have submitted their applications

What criteria is used to select the award recipients, and how rigorous is the evaluation process?

  • With the theme being “Resilience, Recovery and Progress” we looked at businesses that overcame a challenging period not only for our country but the world, which was the COVID pandemic.
  •  This included their innovation, excellence in service, performance and other areas that are an indication of how well the business performed
  • Our panel of judges scrutinized the submissions and selected the winners based on their evaluation of these businesses.
  • We had engaged high-caliber and experienced judges from the private and public sectors who will vet the applications.   

How has the awards program evolved or expanded over the years?

  • This year PMIBA is bigger and better
  • We always try to elevate the experience from the previous years and this was really an important aspect since the award is returning after three years.
  • We have a few new categories as well. Excellence in Outsourcing Award, the Best Crisis in Recovery Award and Pacific Horticulturaland Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA) Plus Agribusiness Innovation Challenge
  • There is a total of 13 categories and 17 awards 
  • Supreme Award
  • General Category – (Premier Small Business Operating Internationally Award, Premier Medium Sized Business Operating Internationally Award, Premier Large Business Operating Internationally Award)
  • Special Category – (Excellence in Innovation Award, Excellence in E-Commerce Transformation Award, Excellence in Service Award, Primary Industry Business Excellence Award, Executive of the Year Award, Best Sustainability Initiative Award, Excellence in Outsourcing Award and Best Crisis Recovery Initiative Award.
  • We also have the PHAMA Plus Agribusiness Innovation Challenge
  • Challenge aims to showcase and recognize individuals, companies, groups or institutions that are demonstrating a future-oriented vision for the Agri-food sector and is supporting serve in Fiji.
  • We also have four recognition awards.
  •  Bigger award program, bigger crowd
  •  In attendance will be the PM, the three DPM’s, ministers, ambassadors, esteemed business leaders and representatives.
  •  So this is a perfect opportunity for our leading businesses to mingle and network among the crowd.

Are there any specific industries or sectors that the awards tend to focus on, or is it open to all businesses?

  • The Prime Minister's International Business Awards(PMIBAs) are open to all businesses of all sizes and industries in Fiji. The awards recognize businesses that have made significant contributions to the economy, including those that have:
  • Created jobs
  • Increased exports
  • Promoted innovation
  • Contributed to sustainable development

  •  In recent years, the PMIBAs have recognized businesses in a variety of industries, including
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Financial services
  •   Any business that is legally registered in Fiji is eligible to apply for the PMIBAs. The awards are judged by a panel of independent experts, and the winners are announced at an annual ceremony


Kamal Chetty,

Chief Executive Officer,

Investment Fiji