Bluebird Investments unveils $5 million warehouse development

Bluebird Investments Pte Limited, has ventured into warehouse real estate in Fiji, unveiling 6 new warehouse spaces with an investment of $5 million into the development of this project.

 According to Managing Director Rajini Kant, this was the first phase of their project as they are actively looking for tenants to occupy these spaces.

 "We're thrilled to unveil this significant investment in Fiji's future," he said.

 "As we unveiled these 6 new warehouses, and we believe this expansion will cater to the growing demand for modern, efficient storage solutions across various industries.”

 "We invite businesses of all sizes to explore the possibilities Bluebird Investments Pte Ltd offers.”

 "Our portfolio will provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to grow, and we are confident that our dedication to quality and service will exceed expectations," concluded Kant.

 The company has also unveiled their ambitious expansion plans worth $55million to further solidify their commitment to the nation's logistics infrastructure.

 The project will be done in three phases with the construction of an additional 30 warehouses, catering to diverse business needs and propelling Fiji's warehousing capacity to new heights.

 The expansion plan encompasses two distinct components with the second phase being a double-storey consisting of 18 bases.

 This facility will feature dedicated office spaces and allocated carparking, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking a blend of storage and operational space.

 The third phase in the pipeline is planned to be a Triple-Story building consisting of 12 bases.

 This will be designed to maximize land utilization, while also integrating office areas, catering to larger businesses requiring significant storage capacity and on-site workspace.

 "Bluebird Investments' commitment to Fiji's growth is truly commendable," remarked Kamal Chetty, CEO of Investment Fiji.

 "This substantial investment not only demonstrates the confidence of local investors in our nation's potential but also positions Fiji strategically to cater to the evolving needs of regional and international trade."

 The project is estimated to create significant employment opportunities during construction and upon completion, further contributing to Fiji's economic development.

 Bluebird Investments is actively seeking tenants for their 6 new warehouses offering to meet diverse business requirements.