Fiji Pine Group celebrates industry recognition

Fiji Pine Group Executive Chairman Rakuita Vakalalabure was elated at the company's recent recognition at the Prime Minister’s International Business Awards for its outstanding contributions to the forestry industry

"We are on top of the world this evening," Vakalalabure declared.

"Tropik Woods and Fiji Pine Group as a whole are thrilled to be part of today's event and to be recognized for all the hard work,” he added.

Vakalalabure extended his gratitude to the entire team, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to excellence.

Tropik Wood Industries Ltd was recognised forthe Premier Large Business Operating Internationally Award and Primary IndustryExcellence Award.

"We thank the team that runs our mills, plants the forests, and makes sure that our products leave our factories and enter the marketplace," he stated.

He also expressed his appreciation for the company's overseas clients and the board of directors, recognizing their unwavering support.

"We thank all our staff and the board of directors for putting in the hard work and for being recognized tonight,"Vakalalabure concluded.

The company's recognition is a testament to its unwavering commitment to sustainable forestry practices and its dedication to producing high-quality timber products that meet the demands of the global market.

Fiji Pine Group's success is a source of pridefor the entire community in Fiji.