Australia based company invests $1.7m to boost Fiji’s telecommunication sector

Australia based telecommunications company; Fibre Network Engineering (FNE) Communications set up its operations in Fiji to tap into Fiji’s potential for a better telecommunication infrastructure in March, earlier this year.

The company specializes in Optical Fibre and Data Network installations and has provided employment to twelve staff in its Suva office.

With a little over six months into the commencement of its operations, Managing Director Greg Ingram plans to expand the services to other parts of the country.

“Our main service is providing end-to-end, turnkey telecommunications network infrastructure installation from the design phase right through to the powering on of a system or a service,” said Ingram.

“I knew that the specific knowledge and expertise that Fibre Network Engineering provides and executes in Australia would be beneficial in Fiji, for both the introduction of new technologies as well as building on opportunities for company growth,” he added.

“Through our investment, we foresee an increasing number of employment opportunities and further improvement into Fiji’s ICT (Information Communication Technology)infrastructure, which I believe is a win-win situation for both,” mentioned Ingram.

“Our long-term plan is to have at least three points of presence around Fiji.”

The company has also recently imported a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Machine which is used to install underground utilities to improve the quality of telecommunications groundwork around the country.

“The HDD Machine is a significant improvement to the traditional method of trenching and backfilling using excavation to install pipelines for telecommunications, electricity, gas and water,” he added.

Ingram acknowledged Investment Fiji for providing tailored information to address Fibre Network Engineering (FNE) Communications specific business needs, including insights about potential longer-term opportunities.

“The briefings and regular updates by the Investment Fiji team helped us better understand Fiji’s telecommunication landscape and we are grateful for all the assistance provided to us in the set up and successful launch of our company.”

Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty highlighted that Fibre Network Engineering (FNE)Communications brings a lot of value to Fiji and holds enormous potential in paving way forward for Fiji’s telecommunications sector.

“With modern technology and practices, FNE Communications can extend its services into other sectors, which will not compromise the existing infrastructure and could potentially benefit in terms of time efficiency,” said Chetty.

“The expertise within the company can also boost the skillset of our local workforce,” he added.