Business Leaders ready for Australia mission

Thirty business leaders who will participate in the Investment and Trade mission in Australia next week, have shown their appreciation to Investment Fiji, for providing them with a platform to expand their network and present what Fiji can offer to the Australian businesses.

The business delegation who will be led by the Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport Honorable Faiyaz Koya, Investment Fiji Chair Ms.Jenny Seeto, Chief Executive Kamal Chetty, Reserve Bank of Fiji Deputy Governor Esala Masitabua and Fiji Revenue and Customs Services Chief Executive Mark Dixon will leave for Australia this weekend.

The week-long event will provide an opportunity for the business delegation to establish deals with the Australian companies in order to expand their businesses or their supply chain.

Punja Sons Pte. Limited

Punja Sons Pte. Limited Group Exports Manager Alvin Sharma is one of the delegation members who is optimistic about connecting with potential distributors of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products.

"We are looking to secure multiple distributors of our canned tuna and naturally Fiji products,” said Sharma.

FMF Group

Another food manufacturing company, FMF Group Export Manager Rakesh Raju stated they were looking for potential buyers for FMF products and he hopes to get new leads.

“While the focus is to grow our company, we also want to use this platform to understand the customer needs in Australia,” Raju added.

Food Processors (Fiji) Limited Sales Manager Rohit Prasad highlighted that the business mission to Australia will enable them to connect with industry peers as well as potential customers.

“We aim to build a customer base in Australia and sell more agriculture products which will eventually increase our share of the exports market,” he said. 

“We are aware that there are huge opportunities for our products in Australian market however we need the insight to tap this new business opportunity.”

“I am delighted to be part of the delegation and strengthen network with buyers, investors, agents and government agencies from a specific country.  Participating in the Trade mission provides our company a prospect to grow our business in Australia,” added Prasad.

Kavalicious Taveuni

For Kavalicious Taveuni, Director, Ana Malumuvatu connecting and establishing a market within Australian will be her main focus as she wants to connect with food regulators to review and start exporting her kava products.

Malumuvatu hopes to expand into the Australian market and create partnerships with a trading partner.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be selected and be part of this trade mission to Australia and I highly appreciate Investment Fiji for the opportunity,” she said.

Tropical Scent Premium Kava

Tropical Scent Premium Kava Director Maika Bukacadre is optimistic that the mission will pave way forward for his business to supply to a number of online platforms and supermarkets in Australia.

“Australia has been working closely with us in terms of Business Relation and so much more. Participation in meetings such as these, especially with one of the leading countries in the world, helps a lot in expanding and improving our services and products,” said Bukacadre.

The company currently exports quality Kava to Australia mainly to Queensland and works with a network of farmers to meet the market demand.

Investment Fiji

Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty mentioned the delegation representatives are from different sectors, each with their own needs to establish channels or expand their reach into Australia.

“Some of the delegates come from companies that are a household name in Fiji and we are confident that these private companies would be able to establish and connect with their respective business partners in Australia and exhibit their products and services,” stated Chetty.

“This is a great opportunity not only for these companies to represent their business but to showcase the potential investors and traders in Australia the possibilities that Fiji has to offer.”

The Australia mission event will take place in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia from Monday.