Investment Fiji Appoints Kamal Chetty As CEO

Investment Fiji is pleased to announce the appointment of Kamal Chetty as its Chief Executive Officer.

Kamal has over 14 years of extensive experience and knowledge in investment and export promotion and facilitation, holding numerous leadership positions within Investment Fiji.

Board Chair Ms. Jenny Seeto stated that Kamal has made a significant contribution in leading the Investment Fiji team this past year whilst serving as the Acting CEO. He has demonstrated capabilities and competencies to be successful in the role and deliver for Investment Fiji clients and stakeholders.

He continues to develop strong relationships with Government Departments and Strategic Partner Agencies, and through this cooperation, he has been able to ensure that major investment projects are back on track and that Investment Fiji’s internal programs are well-supported.

“Kamal was given the responsibility to lead the Investment Fiji team last year. Despite the extraordinary circumstances and the unprecedented challenges due to the global pandemic, his team was able to secure major investment and export leads and deals and continued to promote Fiji and Fijian businesses virtually through trade-development webinars and the investment symposiums to the global market. He has also diversified Investment Fiji’s global network and this has contributed to scaling up opportunities for Fiji,” highlighted Ms. Seeto.

Ms. Seeto further stated that under Kamal’s leadership, he led the development of Investment Fiji’s new 5-year Strategic Plan, which contains essential strategies for Investment Fiji’s transition to an Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) and ensuing approaches for achieving Fiji’s successful economic development.

She further commented that as an IPA, Investment Fiji will shift its focus from screening and monitoring investment projects to promoting investment and trade among potential investors and exporters and aftercare services.

“With the new Investment Act and Investment Fiji Act, Investment Fiji will be moving towards a new direction and we are optimistic and confident that the newly appointed CEO will be able to take the organization and services to another level.”

The Board conducted a rigorous recruitment process with applications received from international and local candidates.  The Board was pleased that the newly appointed CEO is a homegrown talent with international exposure who has the required knowledge, experience, and attributes to lead Investment Fiji.

Having joined Investment Fiji in 2008 as an Investment Officer, Kamal was later promoted to Manager Investment and Trade.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Official Statistics and Accounting and Financial Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomacy and International Affairs.  He is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Kamal has received Investment and Trade-related training in Japan and China and has led investment and trade promotion events in various countries.