Investment Fiji strengthens ties with NZ-Fiji Business Council

The four-day Trade and Recovery New Zealand Business Mission garnered much interest and provided opportunities for thirty delegates to explore Fiji’s investment and trade environment, through B2B engagements with local companies and various government bodies.

The event which was held recently allowed Investment Fiji to forge greater ties with New Zealand and enhance its relationship with the organizer of the event, New Zealand Fiji Business Council (NZFBC) in planning future projects and further collaboration.

The week-long event generated a lot attention from prospective New Zealand investors which will contribute towards the Fijian economy and create new job opportunities post-pandemic.

Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty said despite a number of challenges facing the economy on the global landscape, there were still a lot of interest into Fiji’s overall investment environment which was evident with the response received from the New Zealand businesses.

"There were a lot of enquiries about the processes involved in setting up a business in Fiji and alot of avid potential investors who are keen to invest in Fiji. Investment Fiji has already registered one company which was part of the delegation during the mission  and we are in discussion with two more potential businesses, ”said Chetty.

"The B2B meetings were also a success as Investment Fiji was able to negotiate and facilitate meetings with local businesses as well as government departments and agencies.”

"A total of 90 B2Bmeetings took place in which these delegates were able to build connections and possibly find new clients and/or potential cooperation partners," he said.

Chetty added there was a lot of excitement around the opening of Fiji’s international borders and the numerous opportunities that the country has to offer.

New Zealand Fiji Business Council President Chandar Sen said the mission which took place after a lapse of two years was a much-needed boost of confidence to Fiji’s economy.

Sen added that various stakeholders made their presentation to the delegation and he was overwhelmed to see the enquiries and discussions that were taking place.

"New Zealand Businesses delegation got a fair knowledge of the processes and procedures involved in set up business in Fiji,” said Sen.

"Fiji has a lot to offer especially post-pandemic and this mission was the perfect opportunity to showcase the potential to New Zealand Businesses.  We are grateful for the unwavering support from the speakers and participants during the mission and we would also like to acknowledge the Fijian government, Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, especially Honorable Minister Faiyaz Koya for his commitment in encouraging New Zealand businesses in Fiji but also to Investment Fiji for collaborating in this event," he said.