Launch of Pepper Advantage Hub will stimulate Fiji’s outsourcing sector

Attorney General and Minister for Economy Honorable Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum while welcoming global credit intelligence company, Pepper Advantage to launch a major outsourcing business in Fiji said opportunity will benefit Fijians at large.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, the company stated that the new business will be called Pepper Advantage Hub, which will offer an entire suite of back-office support functions that range from IT services such as software engineering and data analytics, to finance-related roles, customer service support, HR, marketing, and administration. 

“We are excited to host the Pepper Advantage Hub in Fiji and welcome the 800-1000 new jobs it will create for Fijians over the next five years. This is a big win for our young, dynamic, English-speaking workforce and a major affirmation of the incentives we have introduced and infrastructure improvements we have made in the ICT sector. Fiji is open for outsourcing, the world knows it, and our people are will increasingly feel the benefits in the form of high-paying tech careers,” mentioned Sayed-Khaiyum.

The Hub will expand Pepper Advantage’s outsourcing services to provide efficient operational capabilities to new and existing clients, growing its client base beyond its traditional financial services market to other sectors that have a large customer service requirement, helping us fuel our continued growth.

Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty said the launch of Pepper Advantage Hub will leverage Fiji’s position as a strategic hub for outsourcing sector.

He further said that the confidence bestowed by the global player which operates in nine jurisdictions across the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia Pacific will further promote Fiji’s promising business landscape to potential investors at the international arena.

Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer Kamal Chetty with Pepper Advantage Hub Managing Director Aaron Milburn  

“Fiji has substantially branded itself as an investment destination for outsourcing companies, and global key players such as Pepper Advantage is a testament to that. Having the Pepper Advantage Hub established in Fiji will largely benefit our people, not only in terms of employment opportunities, but it will also enhance their skills and working standards through these international companies," said Chetty.

"It is incredible to note that the outsourcing sector is continuously growing and contributing to the Fijian economy."

Outsource Fiji Executive Director, Ms Sagufta Janif said the success of Pepper’s setup in Fiji further reflects on its role in supporting potential international businesses who are planning to outsource their operations to Fiji.

“Outsource Fiji has played a major part in this investment process and we have actively worked with the Fijian Government and Investment Fiji to bring Pepper Advantage into Fiji to set up their hub.”

“While our core functions entail marketing Fiji as a premium outsourcing destination of choice, Outsource Fiji works hand in hand with relevant stakeholders to ensure businesses like Pepper Advantage go through a clear, easy and efficient processes to successfully set up their operations in Fiji. Pepper’s setup will also serve as a testimonial for Fiji’s outsourcing industry whilst opening doors for other clients and investors, and will build confidence in Fiji as an outsourcing destination.”

Ms Janif also reiterated on the opportunities Pepper Advantage is bringing into the country for Fijians, that will help contribute to capacity development and further enhance the knowledge of locals on international systems and requirements.

Pepper Advantage Hub Managing Director Aaron Milburn said the launch of the Pepper Advantage Hub in Fiji comes as the Fijian Government provides incentives for companies to establish in Fiji.

"We have selected Fiji because of its people and the opportunities it presents.  The Bula smile and the way Fijians do business will be known in European and Asian countries to our global clients that we intend to bring hereto service and showcase Fiji to the world," said Milburn.

"The Fijian Government, Investment Fiji and Outsource Fiji have ensured that we have the right meetings with the right people for ease in setting up so that we can get more people into more jobs in Fiji faster and more seamlessly.  For us, this is a great opportunity.  We have over 1,200 colleagues worldwide, we are literally going to double that number and half of our workforce will come from Fiji," added Milburn.