Audio Visual

F1/F2 Incentives

The F1/F2 Audio Visual Production (AVP) incentives are schemes whereby a production entity can raise production finance from Fiji taxpayers. This allows Fiji taxpayers to claim a tax deduction of either 125% (F2 AVP) or 150% (F1 AVP) against their tax liability, depending on the project’s ability to meet the requirements as set out under Part III of the Income Tax (Filmmaking and Audio-visual Incentives) Regulations 2016. The benefit is based on what is called "Qualifying Fiji Production Expenditure," or QFPE. This is otherwise known as "local spend," such as expenditures on local labour, local accommodation, and the hire of local equipment.

Film Tax Rebate

  • 20% tax rebate on the expenditure incurred in Fiji and paid to Fiji Resident companies for goods and services.
  • Eligibility – films and television products, as per existing Income Tax (Film-making and Audio- visual Incentives) Regulations 2016.
  • Minimum spend in Fiji $250,000.
  • The maximum rebate payable per production will not be more than $4 million.
  • Exclusions – Where a producer has chosen to access the film tax rebate, the producer will not be able to obtain any other tax concessions under Part 2, 3 & 4 of the Income Tax (Film- making and Audio-visual Incentives) Regulations 2016.
  • A 200% tax deduction will be available to companies investing in camera and other filming equipment for audio visual productions.
  • Income tax holiday will be available to companies who set up production facilities including equipment, cameras, editing and postproduction studios.
  • Income tax exemption for a period of 7 years will be available, provided capital investments are more than $2 million.
  • Import duty exemption on raw materials, plant, machinery and equipment (including spare parts) required for the establishment of the business.

Customs Concessions

Duty concession (Concession code 302 – broadcasting and network service provider) at the rate of Free fiscal duty and Free import excise will be extended towards importation of transmission and graphic equipment and spare parts.

Fiscal duty on audio visual equipment as stipulated below, will be reduced to 0%:

  • Television cameras, digital cameras and video camera recorders;
  • Pocket-size radio cassette players; and
  • Radio receivers

 Last Updated: August 2023